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Our Journey

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Seva Samithi has been envisioned for spreading spiritual awareness among one and all.

We have been conducting:

1. Godha Kalyanam

In this programme, we celebrate the celestial wedding of Goddess Andal and Lord Ranganath at the end of Dhanur Masam on Koodaravelli in the month of January every year. Almost 2k – 3k people attend

The kalyanam would be a remedy for Kuja Dosha, Marital disorders, delayed marriage, financial problems, overall happiness and prosperity of the family.

2. Hayagreeva Saraswathi Homam

In this programme, we celebrate Sri Panchami which celebrates the birth of Goddess Saraswathi. On this day, for the welfare and benefit of students, we conduct homam. By this, students can develop better concentration, better grades in their respective levels.

3. Mahalakshmi Yagam

On the eve of navaratri, by celebrating 8 days as Ashtalakshmi navaratri, ninth day is celebrated with Mahalakshmi Yagam.

4. Shukravarotsavam

This mahotsav happens every Friday on weekly basis. We do Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja as Friday is the day dedicated to her. Under this programme, the pooja is conducted in every village possible for mobilization of masses towards spirituality and religious fervour.