About Myself

Looking To The Stars

Mrs Divya Sri Chakrawarthula is a Well learned philosophical and Spiritual Personality . She had done her MA in Astrology. She had started her practice in the year 2003. This embarked the birth of DivyaChakra Astro Centre. Although She has qualified herself, It is a Journey more of a Spiritual one that she has dwelved into. She is a Sri Lakshmi Narayana Upasaka. It has been a decade and She is highly acclaimed for her Precisioned Predictions. She is a Psychist and provides astrlogical services incl Vaastu.
In these years, She has been awarded titles: “Jyotishya Daivagna Ratna”  “Jyotishya BrahmaGnani” and “Jyotishya Ratnakara”.
She is one person who is simple to meet and talk to and One Happy Big Smile for us to move into a trance to forget our problems for the moments spent in interacting with her. Post this; her predictions would bring the spark on one’s faces and lives.
Apart from one of the renowned astrologers in the twin cities, her clientele base is spread across countries.
She has also started DivyaChakra Charitable Trust and Sri LakshmiNarayana Seva Samiti. DivyaChakra Charitable Trust is setup for charitable activities like helping orphanage, old age homes and under privileged school children. Sri LakshmiNarayana Seva Samiti had been started with the idea of spreading spiritual awareness among the people.