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Welcome to Bhavishya Chakra Jyotishalayam, your Astrologer since 2000. I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need in order to do so. My ability to tap into the energy systems of my clients, and touch on important details from past, present and future events enables me to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful life changes. Explore my site below, and see how I can help you improve your own life today.

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I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy. Since 2000, I have been harnessing divine energy for my clients, providing them with unparalleled psychic services; I am pleased to do the same for you. Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.

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Experience You Can Trust

I find so much joy in helping my clients reach their highest potential. My psychic guidance comes from a deep soul level and unconditional love. My clients find that the channeled message they receive from their spirits and angels provide extremely helpful and healing guidance. Take a look at all of the services I offer below, and start connecting with the outside universe today.

Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Palmistry is also known as ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’. It is considered as an innate part of Vedic Astrology. If palm reading is done with vedic perspective, an individual can place himself better in his life. The hands act as a foundation to determine our destiny and lives.


Horoscope Reading

Horoscope Reading gives you the basic parameters to determine the real definition of life. It says that when your action is guided by the luck, you are bound to reach your desired objective. Destiny is already written, Horoscope shall act as a torch light and the astrologer as a torch bearer



The term 'Vaastu' is derived from Sanskrit word 'vasu' that means 'earth', while the word 'shastra' means 'science'. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings; often referred to as - science of construction / architecture. The underlying root is vas (Vessel) ’to dwell, live, stay and abide’. Vaastu Shastra is practiced since the Vedic period and was widely used to build a property which would be auspicious and bring prosperity, happiness and health to the residents


Other Services

Marriage - Horoscope Matching
Muhurtha Nirnayam- Marriage,Housewarming and other occasions
Namakaran: Naming a newborn as per Nakshatra

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Amma's predictions have always been precise and to the point. It depends on us to accept it or not. They have never ever ben erred. She has always been the pillar of strength to many of us.

Hima Reddy

I am deeply grateful and humbled that Amma so gracefully had helped our son to go abroad. Not only as an astrologer, she has reached out to us as a mother in times of great need, and supported us when we needed it most. I have to say—I felt the safety, love, and protection. I highly recommend it.

Sridhar Konam

My health had not been keeping quite well. After we had met her, my health has stabilised and since then, she has been the guiding light for our family. She is like a Goddess for us.

Pavani Jagini

I had consulted her for progency of my son. She had gracefully done pooja on our behalf, by which, twins were born. Our happiness has no bounds.

Manju L


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius

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Hno 1-6-185/1 ' LakshmiNarayana Nilayam', Road No 40A, Phanigiri Colony,
Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad


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